Sunday, 19 April 2009

Should PR Students Network?

I was asked this week to start researching an article for behind the spin regarding the subject of whether PR students/graduates should network? Primarily the networking at this stage of the game for a student will be completed via social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, PR Open Mic and Facebook but networking can also be done while at work placements and through various CIPR events where students are allowed to attend. At first I didn't think I classed as a social networker but the more I thought about the article more I began to realise that a lot of my contacts have been made or at least maintained via social media sites. Is the networking helping to enhance my career path? Will it make any possible opportunities greater? Will I be offered more opportunities because of it? Only time will tell for me but in the mean time I would be interested to hear your views whether from a student who is for or against networking before graduation or from potential employers themselves.

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